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Cue Mode Control

Postby dlpinkstah » Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:14 pm

Maxi-Patch AO and AV version 3.7.4, and Ms Pinky Max For Live device, now include a new vinyl control mode: cue. Cue mode is a hybrid between relative and absolute modes. With cue mode, when you trigger a cue point and the file re-cues to that location, the position information from the vinyl control disc is automatically adjusted so as to synch to that cue point. This eliminates the problem of sticker drift that can occur when using cue points in relative mode control. It also solves the problem of not being able to properly use cue points in absolute mode. In cue mode, if you lift the needle and move it to another location, your file will still re-cue to that new location, but it will do so relative to the last cue point that you triggered using the cue points interface, either from the software GUI or the MIDI controls.

Maxi-Patch Version 3.7.4 and the M4L Device also includes some fixes to the way loop points work. With this new version, when you enter the loop playing mode, if you are inside the currently selected loop points, playback
will not be interrupted by a shift to the loop start point. Instead, playback will continue normally until you reach the end point of the loop, at which point it will loop back to the loop start. Similarly, when you disable the loop playing mode, it will play all the way through the currently selected loop before exiting the loop and continuing to play the rest of the file. Note: this is only true when you are using either cue mode or relative mode control. If using absolute mode, the playback position will still snap back to the current position of the needle on the control disc whenever you exit loop playing mode.

Most of the code that implements these changes is in the mptcfs_sa~ object. Please delete any older versions of this object that you have on your system, download and install the new one.

Some general performance improvements with the GUI have also been implemented in the uiwaveform, uihmsf, and uidial360 objects.

This upgrade is available free to those who have already been assigned a userid and password access to the downloads area of the site. If you do not have a userid and password access to the downloads area, you will need to purchase one or apply for a new one if you have lost yours.
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Postby JuanSOLO » Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:40 pm

This is FANTASTIC NEWS, cant wait to give it a twirl!!!!
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Postby manic » Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:29 am

pinkSTAAAAR!! Big thanks, downloading with huge grin.
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Postby JuanSOLO » Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:23 pm

So far cue mode seems to work pretty good. I have not had a chance to really put it through its paces with 2 decks, but I will over the weekend.

Not sure if I understand whats going on with the loops though. Sometimes it plays the loop in reverse, sometimes it does not. It still seems to jump to the selected loop point when toggling "loop segment." I tried things in a variety of modes, so I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong or it's not working as expected.

With the version before this on, I was using individual "live.text" buttons for cue and loop points. These seem easier to map than the "" Also Bento's mod to the highlighted clip seems to me a necessary feature. The way it loads highlighted clips using a button. I know these things may be a matter of preference to the user, but I vote that those are simple improvements, that make the patch work better via controllers etc. I understand I can just make my own mods, but I was hooping you'd agree with these things an permanently incorporate them.

Someone over at DJ TechTools made another simple yet excellent request. "Instant Doubles," Some kind of button on the patch that duplicates the opposing deck in motion. For example, if you are mixing 2 different songs on 2 different decks, then you decide you want to exactly match Deck B to Deck A in the middle of a track, so you can begin to do some beat juggling. To me this is a suggestion that is a killer advancement on this already awesome patch!

Thanks Pinkstah!!!

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