Ms. Pinky + Max for Live = Scratch Anything in Ableton

In addition to all the other software components of the Interdimensional Wrecked System, Ms Pinky provides a toolbox of patches and code objects designed especially for DJ’s to use in the Max For Live graphical programming environment. With these special add-on components to Max For Live, DJ’s have the ability to apply low-latency turntable scratch manipulations to audio clips directly inside a Live session. And that’s only the beginning because users of Max For Live can create their own custom patches with Ms Pinky’s objects to do almost anything.  For more information, click here.

This image shows Ms Pinky’s Max For Live patch as it appears inside a typical Live session.  This device can load any audio clip in the session, and allows the DJ to use a turntable to scratch that clip just as if the sound were recorded onto the surface of the vinyl. Up to 16 loop and cue points per clip can be set and triggered either using the mouse and keyboard, or on the fly using a MIDI device.  The loop and cue points are saved and restored for use in subsequent sessions. But this patch is only the beginning. Press the “edit” button and Max For Live opens up the patch for you to start customizing as you wish. A special code object provided by Ms Pinky decodes the control signals coming from your turntables playing the Ms Pinky vinyl and produces nearly instantaneous measurements of vinyl velocity, direction of rotation, and position of the stylus within the groove.  Other code objects display the audio clip’s waveform, its elapsed and remaining time, and a rotating disc representation of the vinyl. You are free to use these objects and this editable patch to create a totally unique scratch device for yourself using the tools of Max/MSP.
















Check out this video showing a custom patch created by Mastah Lee….
















Ms. Pinky Revised from Mastah Lee on Vimeo.



Jesse Kriss

Jesse Kriss is a designer, programmer, and musician living in Cambridge, MA. He works on projects at the intersection of art and technology, including a visualization of the history of sampling, and MaxLink, a free software package for connecting Max/MSP and Processing. His Visual Scratch” system uses Ms. Pinky along with ProcessingMax/MSP, and MaxLink to create a realtime visualization of scratch DJ performance.




Here’s a video about the original incarnation of the “Visual Scratch” project:

Daito Manabe

Daito Manabe is from Tokyo, Japan. Born in 1976, he received the Bachelor of Mathematics from Tokyo University of Science. After working as a systems engineer and programmer, he graduated from the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences in 2004, and went on to be an instructor in the Department of Inter-Media Art at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Daito is an internationally performing Turntablist and Sound Artist whose work focuses on surround/oscillation/super-low-frequency technology and explores sensual peculiarity, commonality, and interaction. Daito gave a comprehensive hands-on workshop about the use of Max/MSP/Jitter and Ms Pinky. Click here to see a short video from this historic event.

Here’s Daito jamming on a custom system he created for audio/visual turntable performance using MsPinky + Max/MSP/Jitter.

Please visit his website and his youtube channel to see the numerous other projects in which he’s involved.


Mr. Sakitumi

Mr Sakitumi is from Cape Town, South Africa. On his days off he is also known as Sean Ou Tim.

An internationally performing musician, beat maker, and multi-instrumentalist, he has played in many prominent South African bands such as Lark, Goldfish, Freshly Ground, and Max Normal (with the artist now known as Ninja who eventually went on to form Die Antwoord).

He performs with Ableton Live, FX, and bass guitar, using Ms Pinky for both audio and visual scratching.

Check out his youtube page: to see his mad skills in action. Being a fan of visual mashups, he also collaborates with The Grrrl (VJ) and Fletcher to collectively form Krushed and Sorted.  Here’s a clip of the dynamic duo performing live (note the pink vinyl…):

Have a look at their youtube AV mashup page .

Be sure to check out his upcoming debut album– soon to be released on African Dope Records.

For more information, watch the video interview.

Mr Sakitumi + Ms Pinky = Mr Pinkytumi!