Just got Pinky - Pitch wrong and Abs/Rel Modes not Workin

Regarding use and development of Ms Pinky's Pluggo Plugin
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Just got Pinky - Pitch wrong and Abs/Rel Modes not Workin

Post by manic » Mon Apr 17, 2006 7:24 am

Hi there,

Just got my pinky vinyl thru the post today and have been trying out the VST plug-in in Ableton Live 5.

I managed to get it working but found that when the turntable was set at quartz lock the track didnt play at 1.0 (which I presume is normal/true speed). It played at 1.8 or something rather fast like that.

So my question is how do I calibrate the plug-in to play at true speed when my deck is quartz locked?

ALSO: Absolute and reletive do the same thing - The track continues to play at the same place no matter where I drop the needle. Also to restart the track I have to click the rewind button on the plug in - cant put the needle back to beggining.

I just downloaded the latest plug in and I am using:

Maya 44 USB

1GB ram

3000+ AMD 64

Hosting in Ableton Live 5.

Any ideas?

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Read the "Quick Start" guide

Post by dlpinkstah » Mon Apr 17, 2006 4:41 pm

In the same folder with the Pinky Pluggo that you downloaded, there is a file you need to read called "Pinky Pluggo Quick Start.pdf". As it mentions in that file, Pinky Pluggo is basically identical in functionality to the audio file players that are inside Maxi-Patch (AO or AV). You apparently are not familiar with the audio file players inside Maxi-Patch. So before you go any further with the Pinky Pluggo, I would highly recommend that you download Maxi-Patch (AO or AV version) and read the "Quick Start.pdf" file that comes with it and learn how to operate the file players.

To get vinyl control working:

1) First of all, you have to turn it on and set it's parameters appropriately. To access the vinyl control parameters, hit the "more" button that is found next to the "play/stop" button. In the view that comes up, make sure you have the "Position Stamp Demodulator Settings" set as follows: set the left pop-up to "absolute mode vinyl" and the right pop-up to whichever generation of vinyl you have..."gen3 vinyl" if you have 3rd generation Ms Pinky vinyl, etc...

Now if you've wired up your signal path correctly, when you play the Ms Pinky vinyl on your turntable you should see good strong signals animating on the signal level meters on the left side of this view. You should also see some values animating next to where it says "Error metric". The values of Error Metric that you see should roughly in the range [0.1 .... 0.25]. If they are much larger than that, then there is probably some egregious problem with your signal coming into the software and it is up to you to figure out what the !@#&(*$& you've done wrong in wiring it all up. :wink:

2) Once you have the Vinyl Tracker settings all set appropriately and you've been able to verify that your Error Metric values are in the proper range, you're ready to actually enable the Vinyl Tracker to control the playback of your audio file. This can be accomplished by selecting "vnyl ctrl" from the little pop-up menu directly below the "play/stop" button in the main audio file player view. If you're still staring at the "Vinyl Tracker Settings" view, please hit the "go back.." button to return to the main file player view. Now that "vnyl ctrl" has been selected in the pop-up menu, if you've also done everything else correctly, you should now be able to move the needle around on the record and have the file cue up accordingly. And when you set the pitch on your turntable to "0.0", the pitch reading in the plugin should be very very close to "1.0".

All of this, of course, assumes that you've wired your audio signals up appropriately. The way to do that is described on our Physical Setup page:

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