Pinky Pluggo, version 1.0: Save that File Name, baby!

Regarding use and development of Ms Pinky's Pluggo Plugin
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Pinky Pluggo, version 1.0: Save that File Name, baby!

Post by dlpinkstah » Sun Aug 13, 2006 10:35 pm

Version 1.0 of Pinky Pluggo (we're now past the beta stage..) is now ready for all you fine Fan Club members to download.

The only new feature is that now each instance of the Pinky Pluggo that is saved with a session of your host application will also save the name of the audio file that was loaded into that instance of the plugin. The file name is saved in an obscure location within the Pluggo support directories, where hopefully it won't bother anyone. When you re-open the session, the name of the file is read in and the plugin will re-open the audio file that it was playing before.

NOTE: Your host application may expose to you a new parameter inside Pinky Pluggo called "instance_number". DO NOT TOUCH THIS PARAMETER. If you change its value, it could very well cause the system we're using to save/restore the file name to malfunction. :cry:
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Post by Andrew » Mon Aug 14, 2006 2:04 pm

Is it UB? :lol:
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Post by TequilaKez » Sun Aug 27, 2006 10:03 pm

Alright, nice one pinkstah. This is definatley alot more useable than before, but why the wierd secret file thing? I might be missing something but don't vsts use the 'chunk' to save metadata like that. That way, saving presets/banks or just saving the project saves the filename just like any of the automatable parameters. The current implementation always recalls the last 'opened' file rather than the last saved which is, I think, kinda strange behaviour for a plugin. also, the state of the play button needs to be added to the parameters so that when a project or preset is loaded, we can start scratching straight away. Right now I still gotta go find the pinky plug, open him up and press play each time.

...oh, and there seems to be a strange bug that stops the file playing when I cue thru the beginning of a file. Disabling/re-enabling fileloop from the menu brings it back. :cry:
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