About the TC audio files and playback at < -50% pitch

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About the TC audio files and playback at < -50% pitch

Post by tsutek » Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:38 pm


was just wondering about the timecode signals, would the timecode work more reliably if the TC CD was made from wav files instead of mp3 files? So far haven't ran into issues but if wav-based TC discs would perform even better, I'd like to know about it :)

Another thing - when I play back the timecode at speeds less than -50%, positional information starts to behave strangely. Namely cue points do not work when playing the TC back at pitches -50% and below. If I temporarily increase the pitch by hand or by fader above -50%, the positional info updates itself.. But ideally cue point jumping should work also at TC pitches below -50%!
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