(4) tracks of CD Control Signal now available for Download

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(4) tracks of CD Control Signal now available for Download

Post by dlpinkstah » Tue Apr 25, 2006 6:20 am

Ms Pinky's complete repertoire of CD Control Signals (all four (4) tracks!) is now available for members of her Fan Club to download in MP3 form. Though to human ears they may all sound the same, to Ms Pinky's ears each track is delightfully unique and full of useful information.

Each track of the CD control signal is 12 minutes and 40 seconds long, and contains a sequence of digital numbers:

The first track contains the numbers [0 .... 131071].

The second track contains the numbers [131072 ... 262143].

The third track contains the numbers [262144 ... 393215].

The fourth track contains the numbers [393216 ... 524287].

So each track contains unique digital values. But you probably don't care about that unless you are an advanced Max/MSP programmer and you want to create a customized patch for Max/MSP that will do different things for each track based on these different digital values.

Neither the standalone Ms Pinky apps (Maxi-Patch and BinkyToy) nor the Pinky Pluggo differentiate between the 4 tracks. So all you really need for now is the 1st track. This will allow you to control Ms Pinky using your CDJ. In the future, we may choose to add the logic to Ms Pinky's other applications to do different things based on which of these four tracks you are currently playing. For now, we leave this up to Max/MSP programmers and anyone who is using the Ms Pinky SDK to create new applications.
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