First use of PinkyVST ...

For discussion on the topic of Ms Pinky's "Pinky VST" plugin
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First use of PinkyVST ...

Post by dGarden » Mon Oct 26, 2009 3:17 pm

I'm new here and I wanted to post because of few questions about Pinky VST :

1/ The QuickStart.pdf document say that all the parameters will save with the instance of the plugin. But it seems that the "threshold" and the "slope" (? I don't have the plug here) doesn't save.
They always load with the default value (30db and 2.0)
I use it with Ableton Live 8.05

2/ I was wondering why the "previous cue" and "next cue" button are not midilearn-able ? (like the "play/stop" button is)

3/I wanted to use the ms pinky system in a non-common way : cut the signal with my mixer BEFORE Pinky VST receive the signal...
And in this way, it occurs clicks each time I cut the signal.
Maybe you'll tell me that in this way its normal ... BUT what is strange is that when I just activate the "reverse" mode of the plug, it works perfectly. (but in reverse !!)
Same thing if activate the "relative" mode : no more clicks (but no more synchronisation because of the signal interuption !!)

Any ideas about these things ??
Thank you in advance

1) Asus Laptop / Core Duo / XP SP3
2) Fireface 400 or 800
3) Numark CDX with Control Signal CD gen5
4) Numark
5) CDX -> Mixer -> fireface -> Ableton Live 8.05 -> Pinky VST

ps : Any information about "max4live" release ??
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Post by mr. » Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:10 am

hmm i am kind of at a loss with your questions =/
i used the vst for a bit but just found it easier to use maxi patch
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Post by honeo » Tue Dec 08, 2009 6:37 pm

why cutting the signal before using pinky vst? doesn't make sense to me
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