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onboard audio

Post by systmcrsh » Tue Oct 21, 2008 1:30 am

first, hello! also i searched roughly through posts for onboard audio reference, but it seemed inconclusive.

just wondering if a single deck setup using an onboard soundcard (soundmax + winxp) would be adequate? my plan would be to use ms pinky just as a single scratch deck... but i really dont want to have to purchase a portable soundcard (i have a decent pci card already in a desktop). im assuming it would work ok... my laptop has both a line and a mic input (ibm x32). im thinking latency would be the biggest issue... i haven't used asio4all yet, but just googling around for that + soundmax, it looks like some people report latencies ~7ms.

just curious what success anyone has had with onboard sound in windows. thanx!

OT... a linux version would be kewl.
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