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scratch problem

Post by flaco » Sun Mar 08, 2015 10:54 pm


Right now I'm working with mixxx, but I have a little problem. I would like to know if this problem exists with Ms Pinky, or if there is a way to resolve it...

I use a vinyl turntable (gemini, a very bad one...), and I want to make some scratch with it and a serato timecoded disc. When I read the disc normaly, the signal seems ok, everything's fine. When I scratch, it works, BUT : sometimes, the disc shift a little bit, so the sample I'm playing with is not exactly at the same place... It happens every four or five scratch-movement, and it's not a disc problem : my hand stay on the disc everytime, and never let it go. Don't know if I'm clear?

I would like to work with Ms Pinky, but I need to know if my problem will be resolved or not... May be that some scratcher could answer me?


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Post by dlpinkstah » Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:48 pm

Your problem is probably caused by the fact that Mixxx can't decode the absolute position information from the Serato disc. So as you repeatedly scratch, the absolute position of the needle in the groove will change relative to the samples which are being played. If you were to try this with Serato's own software, it probably wouldn't happen. The same is true of Ms Pinky-- if you use it in "relative" mode, then gradually over time the position of the needle on the surface of the record relative to the sample that is playing will shift. But if you use in "absolute" mode, it automatically corrects for that slippage. As far as I know, Mixxx does not provide absolute position decoding of any digital vinyl, so Mixx will always have this problem regardless of which type of vinyl you're using.
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