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get the technics

Post by Tracedj » Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:00 pm

I've owned a pair of ttx1's for 3-4 years now, get the technics1200, its worth the money. Nothing wrong with the ttx1's, few minor issues.

1. the digital pitch control has a bit latency against tehnics's analog. Sometimes it slowly drifts away. eg. when doing a 2 minute mix on trance/house, easy to overcome by constant monitor, but its a real hassle.

2. inifinite amount of friction on the, unless you're doing mixing instead of battle, scratching, this could be a problem. I bought pair of butter rug, nice slip mat but it still draggy.

3. motor break down. a real bitch... could be fixed with nice waxed slip mats but still. 2 hours heavy scratching on it you can tell the motor will slowly stops. 3.7N torque they claimed becomes 0.37N. Could be fixed by letting it cool for 15 minutes. (but who the hell gives your 15 minute break at the club?)

4. the line level output does not work with mspinky. if you set it to line output the latency is unbearable.

5. Poor sound quality. Maybe I've bought got defected one, but with the same record and needle setup played on ttx1 and technics, technics just sounds better. >11KHz espeically vocal.

6. yeah just get the technics, don't have money? work harder... lol
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Post by Dan » Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:24 am

I just received my new technics 1200 mk5's today after "upgrading" from numark tt200's (the-then model down from ttx1;s). I know what you mean about the drift on the numark, it was the first thing I noticed using the technics for the first time; i beat-matched two records, went to the bathroom, and when i came back 2 minutes later they were still in time!!:)

I haven't had a proper test with ms pinky yet, but the error i'm getting is a bit lower (average around .19 now, as opposed to .23) despite using the same cartridges on the numarks. Very strange, I didn't think the turntable itself would affect it. Anyways, I'll keep you posted with ms. pinky related updates!
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