Art Deejay Pre 2

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Art Deejay Pre 2

Post by azala » Mon Nov 19, 2007 8:41 pm


Has anyone ever notice that this preamp has an ugly response in very low frequencies?

I usually use MsPinky timecoded vynils with Deckadance, but as soon as play my drum & bass vynils, bypassing the DVS, I get a bunch of clipping, even if I put the preamp gain to minimum (-10 db). If I connect my turntable directly to my Mixer, the sound is good. There is no problem with other kind of music I listen (Reggae, Hip Hop). It's only with very low frequencies sound.

It's annoying for me to have to change my setup as I want to switch between timecoded vynils and drum & bass ones.

May be the preamp I bought is kaputt (I received it last week) and I should send it back.

Thanks for your advice.


Setup :

* Technics SL 1200 Mk2 (x2) one connected to preamp, the other to mixer (signal sent through Aux Bus)
* Echo Audiofire 12
* Urei DJ 1605
* PC with Deckadance

edit : Stanton Trackmaster SK cartridges (x2)
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