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A forum for topics related to the turntable/cartridge/stylus and the phono preamps used with MsPinky
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technics mods

Post by syre5 » Thu Apr 17, 2008 6:35 am

first n foremost...
<a lil philly slang for yall>

I'm new to the site n blah blah blah...

and I'm definitely trying to take my relationship to the next level...
ms. pinky looks like she just might have to spin ova

..anyways.. to the point...

..I clicked the link someone threw up in another post about
some modding site outta Texas.. (crazy how I did my homework, yet forget the details..heh)

..anyways, one thing they offered really caught my eye, and it was the phono to line conversion [i]inside[/i] the 1200...

anyways, I'm far from a modder, but very much-so a dreamer...
(and nah such a good googler, I suppose...)

anybody know anything about doing this?

(the plan's to get modded then grip maya-44's and rock out.)

..and u already know who's comin too
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