Can it sound like Serato

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Tom Slater
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Can it sound like Serato

Post by Tom Slater » Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:26 pm


I have been playing around with Ms Pinky and I can't get her to behave just like vynal.

The signal strength is good but when I scratch the disk the sound file jumps all over the place and sounds nothing like it should.

When I look at the rate of change in numbers coming from the velocity outlet they are changing about every 500ms which doesn't seem enough to get the proper scratchy sound.

When I attach a Max slider object and a scale object (0 127 -1 1) and wiggle the slider it sounds like a scratched piece of vinyl.

My set up is;
Techniques 1200's
Stanton 500's (they are pretty old now)
Art DJ pre 2 phono preamp
Mbox 2 Pro
Macbook Pro, OS 10.4.11

I mentioned that my needles are pretty old as I saw in another post that poor signal can cause the sound file to be unresponsive when scratching but I have been using Serato for years and it works perfectly.

In your honest opinion, is Ms Pinky capable of sounding as good at emulating hip hop style scratching as Serato?


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Post by dlpinkstah » Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:24 am

The M-Box is unfortunately not on our list of recommended audio converters to use with Ms Pinky. For the list of recommended audio converters, and for the required physical setup for Ms Pinky please refer here: ... Setup.html

If you provide ms Pinky with the required physical setup then of course it will "sound like serato". However, failure on your part to provide the required physical setup is likely to lead to a very unsatisfactory experience.

That said, it may be possible to get the M-Box to work adequately with Ms Pinky, but only for (1) single turntable. But here again, you need to ensure that Ms Pinky is getting the proper signal levels, and a good clean signal (not distorted, not TOO loud). To verify that the signal quality is OK, what are the "error metric" readings that you see in the Ms Pinky vinyl control settings?
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Post by Mudo » Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:31 am


In my honest opinion it is equal or better because I could use ANY soundcard, have more than 3 decks and Scratching is good with proper equipment.

The question may say:

It is capable Ms Pinky to scratch with crappy Mbox?


What hardware I need to have the same response as Serato?

Then answer is clear: Buy a good audio interface (mbox or rane SL-1 are not)

The first time I success with Ms. Pinky was around 2003 and Sound Blaster Audigy ZS with unnoficial KX drivers. In this time Serato was only a Protools plugin like PinkyVst with few features... rain drops long time since then...

just my2cents.


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