Binky toy on Macbook (again?)

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Binky toy on Macbook (again?)

Post by Hilaria » Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:31 am

Can't get any playthrough using Binky Toy on my new Macbook. I believe I am using the latest version of Binky Toy (Universal Binary 2.5), and Maxipatch works OK. Binkytoy can see the i/o sources for my audio interface, but there's no audio. Vinyl demod is off.

Am I forgetting something?

Macbook Pro 2.2 GHz
MOTU 828 (NOT mkii, the original)
Technics 1200
ArtDJ preamp
Vestax PC Mixer (can't remember model #)
Binkytoy UB 2.5


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