tempo drops

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tempo drops

Post by sec-def » Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:57 pm

while using any appilication with ms. pinky (including deckadance)
i get an unstable tt velocity signal. (ranges from 0.9 somthing to 1.01 somthing) and it generaly only affects the midi output from the maxi patch.
but i have notcied that on some points on the record the tempo drops.
small drops but still they are there (egg: 160.051-159.973). this seems
to happen at certain points all together and not as a slow process.

i am using a stanton st-150 through a audio kntrol-1 into a 3gb 2ghz windoze 7 laptop.
note that my controll records are warped.
my question is have you ever experianced this?
i am basiclly new to vinyl and i am aware of some in accuracy in tt's.
when you use ms pinky do you get fluctuations in the the tt rate and tempo?
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