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Post by DJRC420 » Sat May 28, 2011 4:15 pm

You are receiving this message due to your impeccable taste in music.

No doubt you know the EMI Music GET MOBILE GET DISCOVERED competition is getting down to the wire, so I’m here to create a buzz and hopefully make the Top25.

(blows own horn)

At stake, your favorite DJ RC420 could have a single release on EMI / Capitol / Virgin Records, radio play, promotion and more!

I’m encouraging my “fans” to check out my profile at

Here’s what will improve my chances:

Help me build my fan base and mobile list members through all your social media connections and personal websites.

You can invite friends/fans from your email contact list to join the Mobile Artist Community platform where you can vote for RC420 and other fine artists like Chiara Casi, Marykate aquino, Mike Montoni, Bluerays, Godson and Dylan James.

You can also vote by texting RC420 to 79999.

For the GET MOBILE GET DISCOVERED contest I have decided to remix my favourite local band, from the lightning clouds of Venus with a bullet, Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker!

I am also producing a video to go along with this little number. It will contain backstage footage of USS’s madcap show at Toronto’s Mod Club Theater last April. It will be online before the end of the competition – visit

Vote and get a free pair of our signature 3d glasses. You can use these glasses to enjoy certain You Tube videos in stereoscopic 3d!!!

If you vote 5 times and I’ll send you a link where you can download Laces Out (RC420’s Wreckord Breaking remix) and other hidden gems from the RC420 catalogue.

Vote 10 times and you ALSO get your name and website printed on 100 pairs of these limited edition 3D glasses.

P.S. There is also a "Wild Card" cycle giving me more chances at being part of the top 5 selected in each cycle.

Thanks for voting for Laces Out (RC420’s Wreckord Breaking remix). Help me “break” through with EMI Music’s GET MOBILE GET DISCOVERED competition!!!
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