Newbie Sharing First Scratch-Up Test #SC1FI

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Newbie Sharing First Scratch-Up Test #SC1FI

Post by heavyplastic » Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:59 pm

Hello fellow MsPinky enthusiasts,

I'm relatively new to this pinky-thing but I managed to scratch-up a first video test running Ableton Live AND the Maxi patch A/V together.

Here is the link:

There was no post processing done, everything straight from the box in real-time! Maybe when I practice my skills some more this could become a cool live gig!

Also, this first video is a test for a new project I'm working on, it's a lot to explain on this forum, so for those interested have a look at this: ... elines.doc

And if you still after this don't think I'm completely crazy you're invited to follow this project via my friendfeed @;

Oh and not to forget: if there are suggestions for any pre-2001 sci-fi movies that are not included in the list at the dropbox document linked above, I'd love to hear your suggestions :idea:

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