BinkyToy 2.3.1 Uploaded 04/24/05 -- Some Bug Fixes

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BinkyToy 2.3.1 Uploaded 04/24/05 -- Some Bug Fixes

Post by dlpinkstah » Sun Apr 24, 2005 7:13 pm

I've just uploaded a new version (2.3.1) of BinkyToy G3/G4 for OSX. In this version there are no new visible features, but some important bug fixes.

1) Many more types of .WAV files can now be played than before. The header information inside .WAV files can vary a lot, depending on the program that created the .WAV file. So MsPinky should now be able to load many types of .WAV files-- even very short ones such as samples from sample banks.

2) Very short files (.WAV, .AIFF, .MP3) now load completely into RAM and

generally are played better than before, especially in looped mode. In the older version, there was sometimes a crash when loading a very short file (like 1/4 second). This problem appears to no longer occur. It now works really well if you load a very short file and play it in looped mode with vinyl control. It's exactly as if the whole vinyl had that same loop repeated all across it's surface.

3) Files which have a sample rate different from the sampling rate of your audio device will now play at the "proper" pitch. This is very important if you want to play some files that are 44.1 kHz and some that are 48 kHz and you want the pitch to match properly between the files.


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