BinkyToy and RME RPM Issues

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The Ronin
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BinkyToy and RME RPM Issues

Post by The Ronin » Tue Nov 08, 2005 12:02 am

Hey all...

I have been using BinkyToy for a while now, but recently am having problems.

At random I checked the RME website and found new HDSP drivers and a firmware update for the PCI/Cardbus. After flashing my card and updating the drivers, it seems the 1 sample delay is back(a previous problem with the HDSP driver that was resolved). The delay causes the needle drop functionality to stop working thus creating issues with the way any DJ works with records.

If anyone out there other than the pinkster is using this setup, please let me know if you have experienced this problem. If you haven't updated and flashed as I have, DONT!!! until you speak with RME or the pinkster to see if my problem has been fixed.

My System:

G4 Ti Powerbook 867

OS 10.4.3

768 MB RAM

RME RPM interface

Cardbuss firmware version 14

HDSP Driver Version 1.60 C

Thanks for your time

The Ronin
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