ms pinky or FS2?

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ms pinky or FS2?

Post by technofreak » Fri Nov 25, 2005 7:28 am

Hi, I've just got in this forum.

I was about to purchase Final Scratch 2, but since I accidently found ms pinky website, now I'm really not sure about what to buy...

ms pinky seems better for me 'cause it's not expensive and very flexible since it's maxmsp application. And it can play video also!!

And I don't want to give my money away to native instrument or stanton...

But there's few things that I wonder before I buy pinky:

1. I'm using external sequencer for my dj mix, and with native-instrument's traktor, I can send midi time code signal to my sequencer so it syncronize to my turntable's speed automatically. This is very important to me. I've read pinky's features on website, but I don't see any section mentions about BPM information. Does Binky Toy calculate BPM of the tracks? Is it possible to send this BPM info via midi out to another applications or midi gears?

2. In Traktor (I'm sorry to compare all the time with it..), the seamless instant loop settin' is possible during playback. Pinky can does it? If not, there's other way to loop one section of currently playing track without stoppin' the track?

3. I'm using three truntable, well, I don't really expect to use these three with pinky, but if it's possible, that will be awsome!!

4. Is cue-jumping is possible with pinky?

5. I have to play very loud to get a good response of system? Then I have to move out from this bullshit flat!!

6. Finally, a little bit stupid question...I was on website and I saw all these well known pinky users and all of them was hiphop oriented djs. Is there any musical orientation in this system/software? I'm techno dj and I never scratch but I do all the time ultra-long blending and very precise cueing is needed. And the most important point is, I'm doing very long set (5 to 8 hours) without interruption.

It's very long but I tried to be clear....and I'm sorry about my bad english , I've tried my best!!

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Post by simonbal » Thu Dec 08, 2005 2:46 pm

Yes and no, im not sure if maxi patch can do everything u ask or binkytoy but if u use Max u should baable to make it do what u want ;)
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Post by Tracedj » Sun Jan 08, 2006 6:35 pm

just sell your final scratch and get mspinky. with the money left over you can take your girlfriend to a nice fancy restaurant
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Post by afreek1000 » Sun Jan 08, 2006 6:59 pm

The vinyl-TVCs are solid as a rock very good for long drawn out mixes and there is hardy any needle tracking slippage.The software does support looping-but I've never had any luck with this feature.BPM sync not sure.

If you go to :

Do alittle reading, I think you'll find this sofware will do everything your looking for, great loops-1,2,4,8,16,32, bar loops (use all the time)automatic BPM detection, Midi control, a whole of effects. They also support MsPinky Time Code Vinyls.You will need to purchase some TCVs though.

The only thing it doesn't support is Video Mixing, IMO I think this is good cause they consitrate more on the audio quality than anything else

Even If you purchesed MsPinky package $100

and DjDecks $30

and a good sound card apx. $150

You'd still be saving mad duckets.........definitly worth the try

As for the scratching goes let me tell you the preciseness it requires is much more than any long mix blend would ever need, and depending on the sound card, both these (MsPinky & DjDecks) preforme great.
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