BinkyToy 2.2 uploaded 08/12/04 -- MIDI Mappings Now Saved!

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BinkyToy 2.2 uploaded 08/12/04 -- MIDI Mappings Now Saved!

Post by dlpinkstah » Fri Aug 13, 2004 1:37 am

Version 2.2 of BinkyToy for OSX was uploaded on 08/12/04.

New features: MIDI Controller mappings are now saved when you quit

the program.

Also- new options for MIDI control are the following:

1) Auto-Copy of MIDI Mappings between Group 1&2 I/O Tabs: this means that if you map say four controls in the Group1 Output tab (at the top of the main window) and then you switch to another I/O tab (say Group1 input) those same MIDI controls will now control the corresponding sliders in the tabbed view you just entered. If your MIDI controller is limited, this can really make it much more convenient.

2) Auto-Copy of MIDI Mappings between File Views in each group: same idea as (1) but the MIDI mappings are copied from one file view to another whenever you single-click on a file view to bring it to the foreground.

There may still be some bugs to fix with the MIDI control in this release, but so far it looks pretty good, IMHO.

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kick ass!

Post by blancodisco » Sat Aug 14, 2004 5:03 pm

"kick ass" *in cartman style voice*

shit, i wish i hit the message borad up yesterday to see this notice and to give the new version a go. Currently, Thursdays, i dj with Traktor DJ and Fridays, i'm trying to focus on using Binky Toy with my other weekly NYC gig.

I'll test it out (v2.2) this weekend, but, the new feature set sounds great and i love how you've thought it out and added even more functionality.

On a sad note... Binky Toy completey crashed on me once last night. fortunately, with iTunes open and the core audio driver set with default output on the sound card, it was only a couple of seconds of dead air before i had music going again, but, it sounded like a not so so smoooth mix i must say.... ;)

I'd also say that about three times during the course of the evening, i have to quickly lower the volume on the currently playing channel, and "Kick Start" the audio again (which creates about a second and a half of silence while resetting). What happens, after a while, I notice when I'm starting to cue up another track, the cueing of the audio with the Ms. Pinky vinyl, the audio starts to sound very Warbly and the Latency is not tight at all. The only solution or work around i've found is to "kick start" the audio again. and i'm up and running. but... this isn't so ideal. I want to have Stable audio all the time.... fortunately for me, the night at the irish pub was relatively slow, so, i wasn't too embarassed with the crash.

I guess these are the risks you take when being a progressive dj on the technological side. Most peeps would just stick with playing real vinyl or maybe with Traktor FS. or perhaps Serato. but, I believe in this software and it's capabilities....

I imagine my problems will possibly diminish when i upgrade this now, Clunker 667 Mhz Ti I've been using, but when you are running a night from 10 pm - 3 or 4 am... i need to have that stability to last on the audio and not have crashes. As the night builds up and more people are in attendance, having a dramatic crash is not good. for me, the pub, or da people who are thinking.. who are these unprofessionals?

On a final positive note, people are interested in General in what i'm doing with the mac and miss pinky. my guest dj last night had never used a computer before to dj with and was quite intimidated. I told her to give it a try. I would load up the tracks and enable everything and she would mix like she normally would with the mixer and turntables. There was a bit of confusion in her mind with correlating the grooves on the pinky discs. Thinking, the songs would always end where the grooves end on the Pinky discs. she had to assimilate and look at the laptop screen from time to time to see how much remaining time was left. It was a big leap for her, but, in the end, she kinda dug it and perhaps saw the future. but for now, she'll continue to lug her bag of vinyl around, at least she knows that the vinyl, won't crash on her.

Keep on trucking...

benny blanco∆
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which audio converter and MIDI controller are you using?

Post by dlpinkstah » Tue Aug 17, 2004 12:49 am

Hey Benny-

Just wanted to ask you again which audio converter and which MIDI controller you're using... I think you told me once before but I can't remember.

And sorry to hear about that crash!! Do you happen to remember what you were doing in the program when it happened? Is the crash repeatable? Also- Could you look in your Username-->Library-->Logs-->Crash Reporter folder and see if the crash log is still there... or send me any BinkyToy crash logs that may be hanging around in that folder.. that would be great.

thanks for hanging on to a shred of hope that this software can/will improve (someday???) ...

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