Aggregate Device??

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Aggregate Device??

Post by 4ace » Fri Sep 22, 2006 12:28 am

I need the dirt on what they are and how i set one up.

Is it a requirement?......I hope i overlooked the fact that i need to do this because i'm getting horribly feedback instantly upon opening binky toy.

Also i've had very little success with the maxi patch AV and AO Version's.

I'm running the software only as i have yet to purchase my tables.
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Read the BinkyToy HTML User's Guide

Post by dlpinkstah » Fri Sep 22, 2006 1:39 am

First of all, you need to read through the Binky Toy HTML User's Guide. It can be found on the downloads page, just below the link buttons for the Binky Toy app itself. Binky Toy is a very simple app and if you read and follow the User's Guide you shouldn't have any trouble getting it to work.

That said, in this case I will answer your question about the feedback: To get rid of the feedback, go under the "Group1 In" and the "Group2 In" tabs at the top of the main window and set all the volume controls to their minimum values. The reason you're hearing feedback is because the default settings of Binky Toy allow for all incoming audio to be heard through the output of the program. This is useful when you're setting up with the turntables because it helps to be able to hear the control signal so that you know you're connected. But normally, you won't want the input signal to feed through to the outputs so you'll turn those input volume levels down.

About Maxi-Patch: Have you read through and followed the instructions in the "Quick_Start.pdf" file that comes in the folder with the Maxi-Patch downloads? If so you should again have no trouble at least getting the basic operation of the program to work.

In the future, if you're going to post questions about how to use the software, please do your homework first before posting questions that you should be able to answer yourself if you'd just take the time to read the documenation. Also (and this is a REQUIREMENT for all postings) you must include ALL components of your system:

1) What make & model of Computer, how much RAM, how fast CPU, which version of the operating system, etc.

2) What make & model of audio converter (soundcard) you're using.

3) What make & model of mixer (if you have one)

4) What make & model of turntables and/or CD players you're using to play the Ms Pinky control signal recordings (including for turntables the type of cartridge!)

5) Last but not least: a complete description of how all components are connected to each other.

If you simply post a message saying "it don't work" then there is really nothing I (or anybody) can do to help you.
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Post by 4ace » Mon Sep 25, 2006 4:02 am

Ouch,...How much do i owe ya for the lashing's?.... :wink:

My system spec's are NOW in my sig. in my profile, so i can understand your frustration with not having that info!

I've been reading all of your posted answer's for the past 2 weeks, and there are many of them, so i can see where these question's could get frustrating.

I've read the included documentation within the download and i apologize,but i still don't see anything denoting how or when to setup an aggregate device.

My setup is VERY simple at the moment.

Apple iMac duocore 2.0ghz 512Mb ram OS X.4.7

MOTU Ultralite

I don't own a mixer...(yet)

I don't own turntables(yet)

The ultralite is plugged into the mac via firewire and my studio monitors are plugged into the ultralite.......pretty simple huh :roll:

I have trashed all related files to these apps. and pulled some new downloads and did fresh install's.

They are working now.i just thought i'd get familiar with the software before i get my equipment.

iMac duo core 2.0 ghz 512 Mb OS X.4.7

MOTU Ultralite
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