Batch Waveform Tool now available for the taking...

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Batch Waveform Tool now available for the taking...

Post by dlpinkstah » Tue Sep 14, 2004 5:26 am

A pretty nice little tool for doing batch-processing of all the audio files under a given directory tree is now available.. and it's something you've probably heard of before: Maxi-Patch!

That's right- the new verions (3.2) of Maxi-Patch for OSX now features (under the MsPinky & Me menu at the top) a new "Batch Waveform Calculation" option which brings up a window where you can drop in the root folder of your music collection and it will recursively scan through all the folders underneath the root looking for audio files and crunching through the waveform data calculation for each one. Of course, it skips over audio files that already have a valid waveform data file computed.

So if all your music is stored under a folder called "My Music", just drag that folder onto the drop region and away it will go... depending on how fast your machine is and how big your collection is, it could take a long time!

This new feature of Maxi-Patch will soon be available for WinXP as well... still waiting on Cycling-'74 to work some bugs out of their javascript stuff on WinXP.

Hope this makes using BinkyToy a little nicer for you all! :D
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Post by blancodisco » Wed Sep 15, 2004 4:38 pm

Pinkstah!.... you've done it again.

thanks SOOOO much for doing this!

we request.. you respond.

just happy that this was sort of an easy hack/addition for you to implement. i haven't even downloaded yet... i'm so excited.

but, really, it's da Pinkstah that Rulez!

now, let me scurry off to the download page....

cheers. big ups... and all that.


i will soon figure out another feature for you to have yer nimble digits code up.

benny blanco∆
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