Maxi-Patch AO/AV 3.7.5: Visible Cue Point Markers

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Maxi-Patch AO/AV 3.7.5: Visible Cue Point Markers

Post by dlpinkstah » Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:56 am

Maxi-Patch_AO/AV version 3.7.5 (OSX and Windoze) is ready for registered users to download. Basically this version has just one new feature: Visible Cue Point Markers. Each cue point that you specify in an audio file is now displayed as a grey vertical line in the waveform displays at the location of the cue point, for easy reference.

Bug Fixes: The MIDI mappings to turn vinyl control On/Off, and to turn file reverse play On/Off, have been fixed. These were broken in 3.7.4.

Also available for download are the updated versions of Max/MSP external object "uiwaveform". This means that M4L patchers will also be able to enjoy the visible cue point markers.
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