Maxi-Patch 3.7.2: audio crossfader curve adjust

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Maxi-Patch 3.7.2: audio crossfader curve adjust

Post by dlpinkstah » Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:13 am

Maxi-Patch 3.7.2 for OSX and Windoze is now ready to download. The one main feature added to this version is a curve sharpness adjustment control for the audio crossfader. This should be pretty self-explanatory for anyone who has a DJ mixer with an adjustable crossfader curve. Basically it just sets the shape of the response curve that the crossfader goes through as it transitions from full on to full off. You just have to try it out. It's pretty easy to get the hang of. This version also replaces all of the javascript-based GUI elements (the waveform display, the rotating pink turntable icon, the H:M:S:F display) with optimized C++ code, so all that stuff should run a bit faster. I really needed to get that stuff running faster in anticipation of Max-4-Live.

Hope ya like it. :lol:
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