System Setup

The system consists of special vinyl records in conjunction with software. The remaining components of the system are common to any DJ who uses a computer. The basic MsPinky system is configured as shown in this slideshow:

NOTE: If you are a DJ who also does computer-based music composition and production, then you probably already have 90% of the necessary components of the IWS. All you need is Ms Pinky’s vinyl and the software…

What’s a good audio converter to use with Ms Pinky?

Ms Pinky requires two input channels per turntable, and two output channels.  So if you want to use two turntables, your audio converter must have at least 4 input channels and 4 output channels.  Almost any high-quality audio converter with appropriate drivers for your computer’s operating system will work.  We’ve had great results with the MOTU 828, MOTU Ultralite, Edirol FA-101, Presonus Firebox, and others.  But for the sake of convenience, we really recommend using an audio converter which has built-in phono preamps to allow for direct turntable connection.  For instance, the M-Audio Conectiv has been very good with Ms Pinky. Or you could choose the Native Instruments Traktor Audio 6.

What’s a good phono cartridge to use with MsPinky?

Ironically, some very hi-fi cartridges (like the Shure Whitelabel) may not be the best choice for using with MsPinky. The best cartridges to use with Ms Pinky are high-output turntablist cartridges, head-stock (standard) mounted. The best we’ve found is the Shure M44-7. It has both high output and tends to grip the vinyl surface very well. We’ve also had very good results with the Ortofon cartridges.




If you need a phono preamp….

If the audio converter you’re using doesn’t accept direct turntable connection, and if your turntable doesn’t have line-level output, then you will probably need a phono preamp to bring the signal from your phono cartridge up to line-level before it goes into the audio converter. The phono preamp for this application doesn’t need to be very high-fidelity. The Art DeeJay pro is one of the best choices we’ve found. It’s both economical and dependable. The Rolls VP29 (below left in red) is also a good choice, but costs a little more. A cheaper unit (shown below, right) will also be adequate. To avoid having to purchase and connect phono preamps, be sure to get an audio converter like the M-Audio Conectiv or the RME RPM, both of which feature built-in phono preamps for easy and effortless direct turntable connection!