Ms. Pinky + Max for Live = Scratch Anything in Ableton

In addition to all the other software components of the Interdimensional Wrecked System, Ms Pinky provides a toolbox of patches and code objects designed especially for DJ's to use in the Max For Live … [Read More...]

Mr. Sakitumi

Mr Sakitumi is from Cape Town, South Africa. On his days off he is also known as Sean Ou Tim. An internationally performing musician, beat maker, and multi-instrumentalist, he has played in many prominent South African bands such as Lark, Goldfish, Freshly Ground, and Max Normal (with the artist now known as Ninja who eventually […]

Daito Manabe

Daito Manabe is from Tokyo, Japan. Born in 1976, he received the Bachelor of Mathematics from Tokyo University of Science. After working as a systems engineer and programmer, he graduated from the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences in 2004, and went on to be an instructor in the Department of Inter-Media Art at the Tokyo […]

Jesse Kriss

Jesse Kriss is a designer, programmer, and musician living in Cambridge, MA. He works on projects at the intersection of art and technology, including a visualization of the history of sampling, and MaxLink, a free software package for connecting Max/MSP and Processing. His “Visual Scratch” system uses Ms. Pinky along with Processing, Max/MSP, and MaxLink to create a realtime visualization of scratch […]