VST Plugin

Ms Pinky’s IWS software set includes plugins for VST-compatible host programs, and for the Max/MSP (and Max For Live) graphical programming environment.

Ms Pinky’s “Pinky VST” allows users of VST-compatible host programs running under both OSX and Windows to seamlessly integrate Ms Pinky’s vinyl-controlled audio file playback and scratching into music production software sessions… for the purposes of studio recording, or for live performance. Supported file types are WAV, AIFF, and MP3. “Pinky VST” does not require Max/MSP or Max For Live in order to run. “Pinky VST” has its own built-in file browser, zooming waveform displays, a novel circular turntable graphic which shows the current playback point as the record turns, and an elegantly re-sizeable editing window. All essential parameters of the plugin are MIDI-mappable, and are saved and restored with each host session. Each audio file which is loaded into Pinky VST can have up to 16 loop and cue points assigned to it, and saved for future sessions. Loop and Cue points can be set and triggered on-the-fly using the mouse and keyboard, or your favorite MIDI controller. Pinky VST also supports audio file scratching using a MIDI jog wheel for those who don’t wish to use a turntable. Pinky VST supports per-instance saving of the history of files played, support for multi-core/multiprocessor systems, and multi-finger scrolling in the file browser.