Instead of music for human ears, Ms Pinky’s vinyl records contain special signals meant for the “ears” of a computer. As the needle traces the groove, Ms Pinky’s software listens to the sound coming from the record player and calculates instantly the velocity, direction, and physical position of the needle on the surface of the record. A few raw facts about Ms Pinky’s vinyl:

1) There are approximately 155 totally unique physical position stamps per rotation of the record. These physical position stamps can be read by the software whether the record is spinning in the forward direction, or in reverse.

2) The duration of record playback at 33-1/3 rpm is 12 minutes 40 seconds per side, and each side of the record has unique position stamps.

3) Ms Pinky’s software reads a new physical position stamp every 11.6 milliseconds when the record is played at 33-1/3 rpm.

4) Ms Pinky’s software reads new velocity and direction information every 0.725 milliseconds.

As opposed to other commercially available “timecode” vinyl systems, Ms Pinky’s vinyl can function as a generalized controller in the digital dimension. With Ms Pinky’s vinyl, users can cue up and scratch digital audio files as if they were tracks recorded on a vinyl record. And many more exciting possibilities exist thanks to the fact that all digital control data derived from Ms Pinky’s vinyl is available to other software clients to use in almost any way they wish. For example, you can use Ms Pinky inside the Max/MSP/Jitter graphical programming environment to scratch audio, video, and just about anything. C/C++ developers on Mac, PC, and Linux platforms also have access to all Ms Pinky control data through our SDK.  Ms Pinky’s vinyl is currently available in solid black, solid pink, half-black/half-pink, and mind-bending “Splatter Matter”.  Ms Pinky offers vinyl that is cut at both 33-1/3 RPM, and 45 RPM.  Note: the 45 RPM vinyl is only available in solid black, very heavy duty.