Software FAQs

Where do I get my MsPinky IWS Software?

A: Once you have purchased your MsPinky vinyl records, you will receive an e-mail with the links for downloading the MsPinky software. Once the archives have downloaded to your computer, unzip them and copy to your hard drive. It is not necessary to run an install program.

Typical download times are no more than a minute! There is no hardcopy of the software. We do it this way so that you will always be sure to have the latest version of all software.

Please be sure to choose the proper shipping/tax zone for your address.

OSX Users: PLEASE DO NOT USE STUFFIT EXPANDER TO UNZIP THE ARCHIVES! Instead, please just use the built-in OSX unzip utility, BOMArchiveHelper.app. Find it in /System/Library/CoreServices/.

What is the Physical Setup to run the Software?

The required physical setup for Ms Pinky is described here. Study that very carefully, especially the block diagram at the end of the slideshow. If you have technical questions, send an email to <factotum@mspinky.com> including (5) important things: (1) make and model of your computer (CPU speed, RAM, etc…), (2) make and model of soundcard, (3) make and model of turntables (and what phono cartridges, etc), (4) make and model of mixer, (5) MOST IMPORTANT: HOW ALL COMPONENTS OF YOUR SYSTEM ARE INTERCONNECTED. If you don’t provide a full description of your system when writing to us, there is very little we can do to help you!

How do I get started with the Ms Pinky Software?

To get started using the Ms Pinky software, we recommend Maxi-Patch_AO (Audio Only) version. In learning to use this simple application, you will master the basics of setting up and using Ms Pinky’s vinyl control system. Just read and follow all the instructions contained in the “Quick_Start.pdf” file that is found in the same folder with the Maxi-Patch_AO application that you download from this page. After you’ve got Maxi-Patch_AO working, you will find it much easier to work with the Maxi-Patch_AV (audio + video) version, as well as the Pinky VST, and even BinkyToy.

Ordering FAQs

What is your Privacy Policy?

We will never under any circumstances share your information with any other parties or businesses.

Are there other distributors of MsPinky’s Software and Vinyl besides MsPinky’s Little Shop of Vinyl?

A: Not at this time — get your MsPinky goods right here!

Will I have to pay import duties on the package?

A: For Domestic Orders (USA) there are no import duties because we ship from within the United States.  For shipments going to countries outside the United States, we have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over how much (if any) import duties you will have to pay when your package arrives.   Please contact the customs authorities of your country to get an estimate for how much import duties (if any) you’ll need to pay.  You are completely responsible for paying any and all import duties levied by the customs authorities of your country.

How long will it take for my MsPinky Vinyl Records to arrive?

A: For Domestic Orders (USA) it depends on which shipping method you choose.  Please visit www.usps.com for more information on delivery times.  In most cases, your package will arrive in 3 – 7 days. For Non-USA Orders, we use either the USPS Express International Service or Priority International (www.usps.com). For shipments to Japan and Europe, delivery times are usually 1 week (sometimes even less, sometimes a little longer depending on how fast the customs inspectors are doing their job) if you select “Express Mail International” as your shipping option.  For shipments to other parts of the world, it usually takes from 1 – 2 weeks.