Mr. Sakitumi

Mr Sakitumi is from Cape Town, South Africa. On his days off he is also known as Sean Ou Tim.

An internationally performing musician, beat maker, and multi-instrumentalist, he has played in many prominent South African bands such as Lark, Goldfish, Freshly Ground, and Max Normal (with the artist now known as Ninja who eventually went on to form Die Antwoord).

He performs with Ableton Live, FX, and bass guitar, using Ms Pinky for both audio and visual scratching.

Check out his youtube page: to see his mad skills in action. Being a fan of visual mashups, he also collaborates with The Grrrl (VJ) and Fletcher to collectively form Krushed and Sorted.  Here’s a clip of the dynamic duo performing live (note the pink vinyl…):

Have a look at their youtube AV mashup page .

Be sure to check out his upcoming debut album– soon to be released on African Dope Records.

For more information, watch the video interview.

Mr Sakitumi + Ms Pinky = Mr Pinkytumi!